Optimal Health Management

Gaetano Paduano is OHM

Gaetano has been nationally certified as a "personal trainer" through the American Council on Exercise, since 1992. He specializes in nutritional guidance, muscle balance, skeletal alignment, body posturing, sport-specific training and weight loss/muscle development. The core focus of all protocols, designed by Gaetano, is training people to create a body & consciousness, which will enliven them and allow them to move more freely in their world.

Gaetano coached the men's and women's swim teams at UCSD dealing with strength, nutrition, flexibility, focus and relaxation. Also, he has done the same training with the water polo teams at Coronado High School. Audiences ranging from 13-80 years of age have attended his health, wellness & nutrition seminars.

Since 2002, Gaetano has been certified in the United States through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP). Many of his clients started out as post-trauma or post-surgical patients who could not reach their desired level of physical function through other modalities and/or massage treatments from other providers.

His bodywork is primarily deep tissue therapeutic and energetic. Gaetano designed his own technique moving on the body in a manner, which allows most clients to go into an altered state; feeling little or none of the common pain associated with intense massage. Utilizing his own specific therapeutic movement, Gaetano can achieve greater levels of muscular release, thus bringing his clients to higher levels of function and overall physical & psychological comfort.

Bodywork sessions are usually 1.5 hours. Gaetano rarely does massage for less than 1.5 hours unless a client has a single point of injury on which to focus. Please note that even in 1.5 hours, it is impossible to work effectively on the entire body.

At the end of initial sessions, a common response from clients is, "I am not in pain for the first time since…! I never have felt anything like that!"

Gaetano encourages people to schedule a “free” initial meeting to answer all questions. This also will allow both you and he to evaluate whether working together will be a mutually beneficial experience.

References, from both male and female clients, are available upon request.